Lighting control systems are being used in more than just theatre venues. A custom architectural lighting system can provide simple lighting scenes for small studios. Some of these systems can also offer energy savings by turning lights off in unoccupied rooms. Need a lighting system that is portable? we can design portable lighting systems with as few as 4 channels. Have a large space? We can install full theatrical lighting systems that use programmable light control consoles, intelligent lighting fixtures, and provide integration with an architectural control system.


We can custom design audio systems to meet your needs. We offer pre-built systems which offer basic audio amplification with music playback. Want a custom system? We can build custom portable systems or design a custom multi-room system that places most of the equipment in central locations. These systems can also include a digital music library eliminating the need to sort through stacks of CDs. Have a need for more? We have designed systems for 1000+ seat venues with multiple speaker arrays, crew communications, and digital audio playback systems.

Rigging and Curtains

Theatrical rigging provides the ability to raise and lower scenery, curtains and electrics. These systems should be part of an annual inspection to ensure safe operation throughout your season. PFS can provide an inspection of your system to make sure everything is working safely. We also sale, repair, clean and fireproof custom drapes and curtains. Contact us today to schedule a consolation.