Flooring Solutions


Captures 19th century tradition by using today’s cutting edge technology. This basket weave floor uses a 7 later design to achieve an evenly uniform sprung floor that is consistent throughout the entire studio. Cruzar is designed for professional installations and can be finished out with hardwood or marley.



Using 5 layers, our semi-spring floor system amazingly has a finished heightof only 2 inches. This design creates a lower profile for existing studio space. This product is designed to be finished out with marley and is recommended for ballet, modern, lyrical, and jazz.


Our rebound flooring system is a semi-spring that uses a 5 layer design similar to that of our Ballon system. With a few changes this system allows for greater shock absorption. Rebound floors are finished out with a maple or red oak surface and are designed to handle all types of dances. They are better suited for tap, hip-hop, and other higher impact forms of dance.

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